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Discovery 4: flow

Sharpie and marker, 2014

by RelwotWerdna(Tumblr)

All I can think when I see this? Kingdom of Zeal. Imma go listen to “Corridors of Time” now.

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Wind Fish by unclepiip

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I’m not posting this ironically or as a joke. I think this is an important part of love and trust.


Hey! Moss! Leave them kids alone!

Harry then did something that was both very brave and very stupid.

Harry’s entire life ever summarized into one nice phrase in Chapter 10 of SS (via the-spunky-fox)

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We create fantasy because, without it, reality would be unbearable.

Illustration by Kristin Kest

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New Goodreads illustration!  I enjoyed working with the limited palette, and always love painting books. Thanks Jade Change for the direction!

There is supposedly a downloadable poster version they’ll be releasing as well, so keep and eye on their site, if you’re a teacher or librarian or someone who likes books. 

Also, Happy National Library Week!

Oh I love libraries. 

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Mojo Wang

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